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Support and FAQs - Blue Pods

Support and FAQs

Support & FAQs

Find your questions answered.

Common FAQs

What is the read range for the Pods? The wireless range?

Thanks to the bluetooth technology the reading distance of a Pod is up to 40 meters in an open field. Playback is possible through a domestic refrigerator or insulated body from about ten meters.

Is my mobile device compatible?

This is the case of most smartphones no older than 2 years. The application for iPhone and iPad is already available, and the application for Android has now been launched.

What’s free and what’s not?

The application is free, and on the cloud too! No monthly fees, no subscriptions.

How long does a Pod last?

Between 3 and 5 years in regular use between 0° C and 60° C, 18 months if the Pod is placed below 0° C.

The lifespan of the battery depends mainly on the entered measuring frequency and the temperature at which the pod is exposed. When a measurement is taken every 30 minutes at room temperature you have more than 2 years of recording. The battery is not replaceable.

Can anyone read my Pods?

The pods are not visible as a classic Bluetooth device. To see data from pods or interact with them, the user must have created a validated Verigo account.

Are the Pods calibrated?

Each Pod has been tested, calibrated and validated in our Verigo laboratory in Florida with equipment conneceted to NIST temperature and humidity values. The device comes with a validation certificate. More information is available on request.

Downloadable Resources

Quick user guide & Full manual

Quick user guide

For starting your Pod

Full Manual

The full A-Z guide

Sample Documents

CSV report

Time, Temp and Humidity

Example Calibration Certificate

Delivered with our devices

Technical Specification Sheets

Pod – PB0

Reusable Temperature data logger

Pod RH – PA0

Reusable Temperature & Relative Humidity data logger

Tag – TA0

Single use low cost Temperature data logger

Shipping of Blue-Pods products will only take place on Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid over the weekend stocking at destination and risk of triggering.