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Tempmate®-S1 Single-Use Temperature Data Logger - Blue Pods
Tempmate®-S1 Single-Use Temperature Data Logger

Tempmate®-S1 Single-Use Temperature Data Logger


​USB temperature recorder that can record single use 90 days.Perfect for the export of sensitive goods by sea. PDF reports are automatically generated reception, just plug the Tempmate S1 on a USB socket of a PC. Preprogrammed at the factory, you need only press the start button to activate it. EN12830 and complies with BPD.​

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The Tempmate S1 has been specially designed to control the supply chain of food products and temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. It comes pre-programmed at the factory and can be started simply to verify the integrity of the cold chain.

We guarantee recorders with recent calibration certificates. The Tempmate are delivered with a factory calibration certificate.

The temperature recorder Tempmate S1 is very easy to use, it comes with everything you need to paste it into an insulated box, on cardboard, pallet or a shipping container: adhesive pouch and positioning label with explanations. The report automatically creates PDF when connecting to PC displays detailed measurements as a curve, time-stamped raw data and statistics. Using its internal clock, it timestamp each measure and excursion to better analyze the cause and location of the failure. Disposable models avoid reprogramming, repackaging, possibly sterilization and eliminates the costs of returning recorders.

Additional Information

Measuring range

-30 ° C to + 70 ° C


12,960 measurements


+/- 0.5 ° C

Life Battery

1 Year Storage

Weight / Dimensions

10g / 80 mm x 47 mm x 4 mm


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