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Connect Your Datalogger - Blue Pods

Connect Your Datalogger

Connect Your Datalogger

Find your questions answered.

Activate Your Datalogger

  • Download our free iOS or Droid app from iTunes or Google Play and create a free Verigo account using this link
  • Once your account is open, open the app, enter your personal info, select “Start” in the main menu
  • Click on the right-side button of your Pod and it will appear on your mobile/tablet screen
  • Configure your Pod: enter any name your want or scan its QR Code from your device, program the recording intervals, temperature & humidity alarms, etc. The configuration is on 1 screen and all at your fingertips
  • Click “Save” (top right end corner), “Confirm” (same top right end corner) and click on your Pod right-button to start it
  • The optional fonction “Adaptive Logging” can be turned ON or OFF. If Adaptive Logging is ON, the Pod will record every data point if the temperature varies more than 1°F or 3% humidity… It’s a key function if you really want to know everything that happened during your recording!

Download and Quickview

  • Open the Verigo app on your device, and “sign in”
  • Make sure you are within reading distance of your Pods, then click on “Nearby Pods” to have a quickview of each Pod in range (unlimited amount of Pods), If needed, click on the “Bell” icon to make your Pods ring and identify them easily
  • Easy decision-making: our color-coded view (red = too hot, white = no alarms, blue = too cold) allows you to quickly scan through the breaches and problematic shipments
  • The “Status” tab provides you with real-time temperature & humidity readings and alarm breaches; upon downloading each Pod, you can easily create an email to share the Pod’s PDF or CSV report or its GPS tracking link! Typical example of a PDF report (new version); CSV report
  • Access and re-access your graphs and statistics by clicking the “Graph” tab
  • Of course, all your data is uploaded to your personalized Cloud on our Verigo site: home.verigo.io and it is also accessible directly from your mobile device

Secure Cloud Upload

  • Connect to our Verigo Cloud (same data as used on your mobile device)
  • Easily access all your Pods, all their data, search and analyze at will
  • You can finally access, share, review, analyze, discuss your cold chain data, your temperature and humidity logistics, from anywhere in the world, anytime… and especially, find out or inquire about your missing Pods!
  • Export and share your data via PDF or CSV reports. The PDF reports is a secure, validated report for your Pod activity and includes all critical data for audits, compliance, insurance claims

    Set Up Email & Phone Alerts

  • You can set up email and phone alarms to share your Pods alerts and breaches
  • While logging, the data can be accessed in real time. For detailed analysis, our app lets you download, share, upload, email the data instantly, via PDF or CSV.
  • Upon downloading each Pod, you can easily create an email to share the Pod’s PDF or CSV report or its GPS tracking link!

Shipping of Blue-Pods products will only take place on Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid over the weekend stocking at destination and risk of triggering.