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Temperature and humidity monitoring no matter the situation

Temperature and Humidity Pod

Temperature & Humidity

Monitoring moisture? We’re here to help. Have confidence in the safety and quality of your therapeutics, foods, and chemicals using our temperature and relative humidity data loggers.

Bluetooth Waves

Temperature & Humidity Loggers

Our Verigo Pods allow you to remotely and wirelessly record various environmental data using your smartphone, tablet or computer. The wireless protocol is BlueTooth Low Energy.

Temperature Pod


Monitoring temperature no longer has to be a hassle. Whether you have a long supply chain, controlled warehouse, or single cooler you can now monitor for years without any installations.

White desktop data icon

Data-Centric Web App

Our web application is available from any computer, Mac or PC, connected to the Internet and allows you to search, filter, extract some or all of the data from our Bluetooth Loggers associated to your secure account. Thanks to our Verigo App, avialble now in the app store, you can download and share validated PDF reports for each of your data loggers, as well as export each Pod’s raw data to Excel via a CSV file.

Blue Pods Software on three big mac desktop screens


Monitoring For Any Situation

Safeguard your critical materials, improve efficiency, and watch over your crucial processes.

Blue Pods Software on three big mac desktop screens


PDF Reporting

Real-time Alerts

Data Graphs

World-Class Mobile Apps

Use any modern phone or tablet to view, analyze, sync, and share data from all nearby Verigo devices.

Download our IOS app to:

  1. Configure, Start or Stop any Verigo device
  2. Wirelessly connect to any Pod from up to 40m
  3. View all recorded data and any excursions and alerts
  4. Download and email PDF and Excel reports

Shipping of Blue-Pods products will only take place on Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid over the weekend stocking at destination and risk of triggering.